Pinebook Pro: Betting it all on ARM – Part 1

During this lockdown, I have not been spending as much as I would typically with eating out and doing non-home bound activities, I have had a bit more disposable income for gadgets than I would usually have.  With these extra funds, I decided to invest in two pieces of fascinating hardware.  This blog post with… Continue reading Pinebook Pro: Betting it all on ARM – Part 1

Two Years Ago…

When I started this blog once again, I was looking forward to posting at some kind of regularity. Now here we are about 2 years since then. We are in some strange times currently, and let’s just say free time is plentiful at the moment. I have no real ideas for any upcoming posts, and… Continue reading Two Years Ago…

Is there an Echo?

I had this blog posted pending for a long time now (a few months) and am finishing it now due to recent events that will be explained below. I got an Amazon Echo in July during Prime Day for a price of £80.  I was excited to get a smart speaker as I am a… Continue reading Is there an Echo?

Ergodone, ruining all other keyboards forever

The Ergodone is a clone of the Ergodox but uses a different controller, and the cases are slightly different. The Ergodox uses a Teensy 2 while the Ergodone uses an Arduino Pro Micro. This doesn’t matter much in my eyes as both can run the QMK firmware. I saw the Ergodox a couple of years… Continue reading Ergodone, ruining all other keyboards forever